Ena Cigerette box creation
by Kec

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Digital art


After i created artwork about digital cigarette
i got an idea to create a box for it
after i created it in 3d i got an idea to print it out and create a real box and i thought it would be easy
so i experimented with various thickens of paper and spent lots of ink until i got it right :D
so there were 2 3 papers printer that failed either they were printed in wrong direction or side because i needed both sides printed.
Those failed boxes were a god practice for the real one .
after i finally printed it right and after precise gluing it was finished

So when i finished it i got an idea to do a cigarette.
that was an easy task i just printed the cigarette texture on blank paper and cut it and glued it :D
but the big question was what to put in cigarette to look real so i put cotton wool where filter goes and where tobbaco goes i cutted tea bag and putted it in cigarette.

so you can see the final reault i hope you like it feel free to comment :D

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15.08.2013 03:21

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re: Ena Cigerette box creation
Hi Kec,

I find your work very impressive for somebody who has not a lot of experience. Since I am not a designer, I would not comment your design of the box, colours and the whole atmosphere. I would probably never smoke or buy ENA cigarettes, but I am surely not your target anyway. Just a few words about the photos:

A cigarette belongs to the hands of a smoker. I do not remember seeing a smoker holding a cigarette the way you did (or your model).

I would expect a hand with nice cured nails. Maybe that is what you wanted to avoid? In that case you can put the cigarette for example in a dirty hand that suggests a working mechanic, or even a hand with some tattoos, or some weird rings, or whatever you find appropriate. But it seems that you simply did not think about that.

I think it would help a lot if you stay away from the wall when shooting. The structure on the wall behind the hand (two pics far right) is simply disturbing.

Also it would be nice (all photographs) if you add one exposure or even two to get the background plain white and to show more details of the dark cigarette, the box, and the hand.

Good luck!
Komentar: daex 15.08.2013 11:34
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